Unique art project “ARTCOLORLIFE” by Victor Podshivalov – a new trend in modern art, where contact with the artwork creates a personal dialogue between the painting and the viewer. Victor Podshivalov is a successful graphic designer. In 1988 he was admitted to the Union of Designers in the USSR. The “ARTCOLORLIFE” project is the result of years of experience. At this time, the author has created more than three hundred paintings. Many of them are now in private collections.

In Victor Podshivalov’s words: More than 60% of the information we receive is through visual perception, and what we see is transformed to emotions. What we see shapes our consciousness and subconscious. We see what we like, and what we don’t like. At birth, all the images are blurred – not concrete, not accurate. We feel a mother’s warmth, her breath, her smell, and her reflected light ... all this make visual associations that remain with us for life. It is the time when the harmony of color forms. All existence appears graphically, gradually replacing our solar consciousness by letters, figures and definitions. “The color does not have the form” – I assert this. In our minds color begins to serve form, it is happening for all things as we grow older. We look at the sky less. Now yellow appears as orange; red as a dress; sugar is white; spring onions are green. Now color assists form. “Color has psychophysical characteristics” – yes, I agree. For me red is love, energy, passion, femininity, beauty, grace. Blue is wisdom and strength, reliability and basis, courage and firmness. Yellow is the sun, the future, forward movement, our children – so yellow is joy. For many years I conscientiously worked on graphic design, and reached the top. Conciseness in form became my signature. And what happened to color? Color continues to serve, and functionally strengthens the form.

Obviously a child remains in me, as one day I decided to paint a little picture each day with the same name – “the sun”. In a grey city, grey country, with a lack of solar energy ... at first awkwardly, then more boldly, then from necessity, and finally joy ... When you mix the paint with tools: brush, palette knife, sponge, roller, and finally hands, without “intermediaries”, all of a sudden you realize that there is no other way. Complexes and fears are departing, and you are free. Knowing the nature of color, you start to feel them, to live with them and to empathize with them. I learned to speak the language of color ... This is the highest pleasure. When I experience stress in my life which is not released, I express it through color. The names usually consist of the emotions associated with the experiences. I do not consider myself as an artist or painter, but there is something else. 

But I know for sure that people are touched by this, and experiencing strong emotions. Color, its character, its movement, its interaction, its journey through a universe of darkness and light, causes similar feelings and associations in the minds of people who are looking. Love, experience, touch, look and enjoy – the feelings will support you by themselves. The author does not suggest you understand him, he calls you to understand yourself, to open up and love! That what you see is only pure energy of emotions, open yourself to it and rejoice. The main meaning of the art project “ARTCOLORLIFE” is a new level of freedom of world view and perception.